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At times, you might want to change the password on your CS department account, or you might even forget your password. The ODU CS Department allows users to change their passwords, or reset them when they cannot remember the password they set previously. This page outlines how to do that.

What Your Account Is For

When you create a CS Department account, or if one was created for you, you will have an account that will enable to to use the Windows lab machines, VCLab, Linux lab machines, and the Linux Servers. Your username and password will be the same for both the Windows services as well as the Linux ones, but you will be able to change your password from either operating system.

Changing Your Password Using Linux

At the moment, there is an issue with changing your password on Linux. Please use Windows to avoid frustration.

Changing Your Password Using Windows

You can change your password right within the Windows OS.

  1. If you are on a lab machine, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. If you are using remote desktop with VCLab, press Ctrl+Alt+End. This will bring up some administration options.
  2. Click Change a Password
  3. Enter the old password into the field asking for it, and enter the new password you wish to use
  4. Type the new password again into the last box to confirm it
  5. Click the right-facing next arrow

Your password will now be changed.

Resetting Your Password

Forget your password? No problem. The ODU CS Department provides an online page to have your password reset. You can access it by visiting https://accounts.cs.odu.edu/validate/pwreset. This page will ask you to enter your ODU UIN and your @odu.edu email address. If the request goes through successfully, you will be sent a temporary password to your ODU email address which you can use to log into your Windows and Unix accounts. Please note that when you request a reset, both your Windows and Unix accounts are reset.

We highly suggest that you change your password to something fairly strong after the reset to prevent any security issues. To change your password to something different, just follow the sections above.