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Unix and Linux Services

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Student and Faculty Use Servers

The CS Department provides both Linux servers for use by CS students. To learn how to connect to these servers, please visit the SSH Access page.

Linux Servers

linux.cs.odu.edu may be used to connect to one of the following Linux servers.

  • atria.cs.odu.edu - - 4x Intel Xenon X7550 @ 2.00 GHz - 128GB RAM - x86_64 - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • sirius.cs.odu.edu - - 4x Intel Xenon X7550 @ 2.00 GHz - 128GB RAM - x86_64 - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Home Directory

When you log in to your Unix account, you are placed in your "Unix home directory". This will be the main working directory every time you log in. You can create and keep sub-directories,files and other important data in this directory.

Your home directory is backed up so it is advised to keep your data here. What is more, your Unix home directory gets mapped as your Windows Z-Drive so that you can share data between operating systems. Your Z-Drive can also be mapped to Apple Mac machines. To learn how you can do this, visit the Z-Drive Mac page.

Unix Permissions

Your security is important to us, and it should be very important to you. When you create files in your Unix home directory, you should be aware of the permissions you can set on these files. These permissions will determine whether or not your information can be viewed by other students in the department.

To understand how you can correctly set Unix permissions, please view the Unix Permissions page.

FTP Services

All files in your home directory can be access via FTP connection. To learn more, visit the FTP Services page.