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The System Group is always looking for talented undergraduate students who are able to solve problems and are good at working with people. We are looking for people who are hardworking in this rewarding field. Systems offers a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about computers. We offer flexible scheduling that can work around your classes. Below are some of the current positions that we have available. To learn more about a particular position please contact Ajay Gupta by email at ajay@cs.odu.edu, or in room 3311 in the E&CS building.



Consultants are responsible for assisting users through both the Open Labs and our e-mail help system. Also consultants are given projects to learn Unix, Windows, and Linux administration with the goal of moving up to a System Administrator.

System Programmer

System Programmers are responsible for web and application development and maintenance to meet the department's needs.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators are responsible for maintaining the department's Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server databases and assisting users with problems related to them.

Cluster Specialist

Linux Cluster Specialists are responsible for maintaining existing department Linux clusters and implementing new ones as well as assisting users with code and problems.