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The System Group is always looking for talented undergraduate students who are able to solve problems and are good at working with people. We are looking for people who are hardworking in this rewarding field. Systems offers a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about computers. We offer flexible scheduling that can work around your classes. Below are some of the current positions that we have available. If you are interested in working for our group, please fill out the application located at www.cs.odu.edu/apply.



Consultants are responsible for assisting users through both the Open Labs and our e-mail help system. Consultants are also given projects to learn administration in Windows, Linux, and networking with the goal of moving up to Systems Administrator.

Systems Administrator

After a consultant has proven his technical knowledge, he or she has the opportunity to become a System Administrator. An administrator is responsible for production-level systems within the CS Department. The administrator can be responsible for Windows, Linux, or networking infrastructure, handling issues affecting users throughout the department, and working with systems engineers to improve implementation and add services for users.

Systems Engineer

A Systems Engineer is a full time administrator within the CS Department. They are experienced personnel that work full time maintaining the CS Department network, and actively looking into ways to improve implementation for users.