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Our department provides VoIP phones that can be used by Faculty, Staff, TAs, and researchers to make calls and receive voicemail. Below are some instructions on how to use the features of our phones,



Dialing within our department

For calls within the CS department, you can dial the extension as normal.

Example: Dial "7749" to reach extension 7749

Dialing other university extensions

When trying to call an extension that is still located on campus, but not for our department, dial 3 beforehand.

Example: Dial "34192" to reach extension 4192

Dialing within local area

If you want to dial out and the number is in the 757 area, dial 9 beforehand.

Example: Dial "93277504" to reach (757) 327-7504

Dialing out of local area

For any numbers that are not on campus or in the local area code, dial 91 beforehand with the area code included.

Example: Dial "915713277504" to reach (571) 327-7504

Emergency Dialing

If you need to reach emergency services, you can dial 911, 1911, 9911, or 91911. All of these numbers get send out as a call to 911, so you don't have to remember 1 specific number to call.

International Dialing

If you need the ability to place international calls, please contact root@cs.odu.edu

Calling features


While on a active call, press the hold button to hold the call. While a call is on hold, you can make further calls and that person will stay on hold as long as they do not hang up. The amount of calls that can be placed on hold depends on the model of each phone. Typically most phones can place 2 calls on hold at once, but some models support up to 6 at once.