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February 2014


May 2018

A few things I did

  • Deployed Snort installations for threat monitoring
  • Migrated several Windows servers from 2003/2008 to 2012 R2
  • Tape backups with Bacula
  • Assisted researchers with running HPC workloads on GPU machines and Torque/SGE Clusters
  • Ensured configuration of Active Directory and Group Policy was less terrible than when I arrived
  • Maintained an Exchange 2013 deployment
  • Maintained a Sharepoint 2013 deployment
  • Assisted with Exchange migration to Office365 (Mostly moral support to the one true Hohensee)
  • Installed and configured Cisco 6800s for core switch upgrade
  • Installed and configured Palo Alto firewalls used at edge of network
  • When consultants were late on projects I occasionally showed mercy