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Network Services

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The ODU CS Department offers various network and remote services that will allow you to access our network via wireless, RDP, and other remote services available. Below are a list of links leading to information pages for the various network services provided to students and faculty.

ODU Wireless Internet Access

ODU ITS (Information Technology Services) maintains a campus-wide wireless network for all ODU students to use. This network is separate from the CS Department's WCSNET wireless network. To connect to this network, please visit the ODU Wireless Internet Access page for a guide on how to connect to the campus-wide network.

VCLab Remote Desktop Solution

The Computer Science Department provides a Virtual Computer Lab as a remote computer solution. "VCLab" allows ODU remote faculty and students access to computer lab machine images over their network. More information can be found here.

VPN Services

The ODU CS Department provides a VPN connection for those who wish to access private CS Department network services from a remote location. To connect to our VPN, you can follow the instructions at https://systems.cs.odu.edu/VPN_Services

If you have any issues after following the instructions for connecting on this page, please email root@cs.odu.edu with a detailed description of your problem.

What is a VPN?

In summary, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect securely to a network (i.e. the ODU CS network) and access private network resources that aren't available outside of the network. When you connect to the CS Department VPN, no matter where you are, it is similar to connecting your computer directly to our wireless Internet. For more information in a VPN, please visit here.

SSH Access

The ODU CS Department provides SSH (Secure SHell) access to Linux and Unix servers for CS students. SSH allows you to securely connect to this machines, and use terminal commands to interact with them.

For more information, check out SSH Access

Unix Account

To gain SSH access, you must have an ODU CS Unix account. In order to sign up for a CS Unix account, you must currently be enrolled in a Computer Science course. The Account Creation website is located here. If you have any questions or problems with account creation or use of the SSH servers, you can email the Systems Group at root@cs.odu.edu for assistance.

Linux/Unix Servers

Once you have obtained an SSH client, you can visit the Unix and Linux Services page for the information on the available servers and their hostnames for connection.