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Remote Resources

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Here are the available online resources for students, staff, and researchers provided by Systems Group.

Virtual Computer Portal

Description: VCPortal allows access to virtual Windows 10 lab machines over the network. These virtual machines can be accessed via web browser or by downloading and running an RDP file. Additional instructions on connecting to the virtual desktops can be found in the PDF attachment.

Multi-user Linux Servers

Description: Our department hosts two public Linux servers to assist students in completing their classwork, accessible over SSH.

Access to other resources over the VPN

Description: All other resources, such as remote connections to research workstations and servers, will require a connection to our VPN. Please note that the VPN is not required to connect to VCPortal or our public Linux servers.

Microsoft Teams

Description: Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that is available to all ODU students and faculty through the Office 365 Suite. Teams can be used both with the browser, desktop application and on mobile devices. Furthermore, you can contact root via instant message and voice chat.