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Mapping Printers

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The ODU Computer Science Department providers printer access to On Campus Students and Faculty with CS accounts.

Which Printers Am I Allowed To Use?

Although you will see a list of printers throughout the CS Department, each printer is meant for certain groups of people. Please consult this list before using any printer to prevent having any problems.

Printer Allowed Users Location
Cookie Undergrad & Grad Students 1103G Dragas Hall
Herbert Undergrad & Grad Students 1105 Dragas Hall
ODU-Printer Undergrad & Grad Students 1115 Dragas Hall
Peter Undergrad & Grad Students 3104 E&CS Building
DGS-MainOffice Faculty 1100 Dragas Hall
ECS-2ndFloorBlack Faculty 2nd Floor E&CS Building
ECS-2ndFloorColor Faculty 2nd Floor E&CS Building
ECS-3102 Faculty 3102 E&CS Building
ECS-3110 Faculty 3110 E&CS Building
ECS-3318 Faculty 3318 E&CS Building
ECS-FacultyLounge Faculty 3109 E&CS Building
ECS-GradLounge Faculty & Grad Students 3200 E&CS Building
ECS-MainOffice Faculty & Grad Students 3300 E&CS Building
DGS-HandsOnLab None - Private Use 1101 Dragas Hall

Can't find a Printer

If a printer does not show up, you can manually map it to a Windows Computer.

Open Windows Explorer (where you browse your files), and in the address bar type \\print.cs.odu.edu like in the following picture:

Mapping printers 2.png

Press enter. If this is your first time doing this, you will be prompted for your username and password as the next picture shows. For your username enter CS\<your_username> where <your_username> is your CS account username. For the password, enter your Windows CS account password:

Mapping printers 1.png

Now you should see a list of available printers. To connect to a printer, simply right click it, and when the context menu shows up, click the Connect button:

Mapping printers 4.PNG

Once you click connect, your computer will begin installing drivers in order for you to use the printer. Once everything has been installed, you will now be able to print from the printer.